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Helen Maccabee
Psychological Therapist
& EMDR practitioner


Hi, I'm Helen,


I worked within NHS Mental Health Services for over 20 years, both in Adult and Child and Adolescent Services. Prior to that I was employedby Children’s Social Services and within a Substance Misuse Team. I continue to work as a Psychological Therapist with adults, children and young people. Seeking psychological therapy can feel a daunting task and my aim is to develop a trusting relationship where you feel able to explore troubling issues or experiences. The starting point is always what you would like to gain or achieve from therapy, followed by identifying, with you, the best ways of working towards your goals.  

Whilst I work primarily using trauma focused therapy, (EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), I have a breadth of
experience and I draw on a wide range of approaches, depending on your needs and preferences. My work is also informed by Compassion Focussed Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy approaches.

I work with a range of issues including adverse childhood experiences, trauma, anxiety, attachment issues, and relational difficulties.
When working with children, my sessions are a mix of play, creative activities and more focused therapy. I often find that being  down to
earth, using humour, helps to ease process.

Outside of work I enjoy being in nature, singing in a community choir and sea swimming (or more accurately jumping the waves and
screaming a lot!).

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