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Workplace Wellbeing

Staff Support

​We help staff and teams manage the emotional impact of your their work through 1:1 programmes, away days, workshops and 8-week Staff Support Programmes of up to 12 people. 

Facilitated by a experienced psychologists and tailored to the organisations area of work, sessions focus on protection from burnout and healthy workplaces.  If you or your organisation would like to understand how this could help, please do get in touch.​

Click on our current From Burnout to Balance programmes below for more information

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​​​We also offer staff support sessions to any organisations whose staff are managing the impact of trauma in their work. This usually begins with a workshop which introduces the model, followed by 60-90 minute sessions, at a frequency to suit you. All of our work is underpinned by an evidence-based psychological approaches.

We can help you create compassionate resilience within your role or your team, so that they can manage the sense of threat and stress that trauma-focused work can create.  Some organisations often have to absorb the consequences of trauma without this being their primary goal - sometimes without even realising its impact on them.


What will you and your team gain?​


"I've realised we're all in the same boat.. I want to be there more for my colleagues"​Understanding“It's given us a framework to understand how we can cope better... and how the team can support each other”


“It's good that mangers have provided something that's about us as people, not just our cases and work”

Healthy staff and Healthy Teams

“The oxygen mask exercise made me realise that self-care, looking after our needs, staff wellbeing... is all essential to our work, not an indulgence or added extra”​​​


If you have any queries about how we can support you or your organisation, please get in touch at

Training & Consultation


Workshops are interactive, informative and applicable. The main priority of training is to connect with the audience in an authentic and effective way.  We use a decades experience to foster existing skills and knowledge in our audience and ensure that it is tailored to their specific needs. 

Themes can include:

  • 'Trauma Awareness'

  • 'Understanding Complex Trauma & Attachment'

  • 'Managing the Impact of Working with Trauma'

  • Creating Psychologically Informed Environments 

We can tailor sessions to your area of work, time availability and budget.  Feedback is important; we always evaluate sessions and integrate feedback into future work.


If you find yourself stuck, curious or struggling to understand the dynamics within your team, using process-based consultation as a one-off session or as an on-going package may be helpful.  We can offer a bespoke package to meet the needs of your organisation to support cohesive and effective working.

We also offer psychological consultation services to organisations working with adults and young people who have experienced adverse childhood experiences and trauma, who often benefit from help to understand their complex relationships and needs.  This can also involve supporting staff to enhance their current skills and develop new ones through supervision and practice development sessions (see training section).


Sessions are priced at £150/hour for organisations, with a discounted day rate.  Please get in touch to see whether your organisation may be eligible for a subsidised rate.

"Great session for staff with @Beyond_MCR today. Thanks to Dr Zoe Rivers for engaging staff and encouraging is all to consider the trauma we experience as practitioners and how we can look to promote our own wellbeing. Staff only wished the session lasted longer!"

Bury Rochdale Oldham NPS

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