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for mental health and trauma 

Nutritional therapy is a key part of our services at Beyond Barriers because we believe that emotional wellbeing is supported by healthy bodies and minds.


Our understanding of trauma and adversity has grown a lot over recent years, with the role of nutrition as an adjunct to recovery becoming increasingly accepted and recognised.  As we heal from a traumatic experience our nutritional needs increase whilst at the same time our relationship with food may be changing. We may want to eat more, or less, or start making different choices to fulfil additional needs such as lack of sleep, emotional hungers or poor digestion.

Nutritional Therapy provides a personalised approach to health by supporting you to address underlying and mediating factors that may be contributing to symptoms such as low energy, headaches, hormone dysregulation, insomnia, inflammation or gut problems. A full case-history will be taken and a personalised diet and lifestyle plan provided to encourage manageable and sustainable change.

It is a holistic and complementary therapy which utilises a functional medicine approach to the promotion of health and wellbeing. Many mental health symptoms can be caused or exacerbated by biochemical imbalances including nutrient deficiencies. Nutritional therapy aims to optimise biochemistry by addressing nutrient imbalances and working with you to identify unhelpful eating patterns and dietary choices.

Charlotte Pickles is our Registered Nutritional Therapist and specialises in mental health. She is able to offer nutritional assessment and therapy as a standalone approach, or as part of a package alongside our other therapies creating a team to support you collaboratively. 

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