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Psychological Therapies

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If you have been struggling with difficult emotions, self-criticism, relationship difficulties and distress, it may be the right time to find a trusted therapist; someone to help you understand & grow from the effects of adversity, stress & trauma.

Our wellbeing can be affected by many things - work stress, early adversity, significant trauma or unhealthy relationships, and we all do our best to find helpful coping strategies. When our ways of coping don't work so well, we can feel stuck and isolated - psychological therapy can help us move beyond those barriers.  Beyond Barriers offers a compassionate, trusted space.  We focus on you as an individual, without using labels or diagnoses.  You can access a diverse range of interventions tailored to your individual needs, by a skilled practitioner.    


We have expertise in supporting people with a wide range of emotional, relational & mental health needs, including healing from the effects of trauma & adversity. We believe that when hurt happens within important relationships, people need healthy ones in which to recover and grow.  So our therapeutic relationship is key in supporting whatever plan we develop. 

Sometimes, seeking help can feel daunting...  however at Beyond Barriers you will experience a gentle and collaborative process of understanding your difficulties and needs.  After an initial discussion, we will have a series of assessment sessions then develop a personal plan together for the ongoing therapeutic work.  Clinical psychologists are trained in a range of approaches, which can be combined to meet your needs.  You can read more about the different approaches below.


We can review your journey together as we go.  Some people develop clear goals and ways to reduce distress relatively quickly within a time-limited piece of work.  Other people may want to work on their needs over a longer period of time.  Sessions are normally weekly, but may be able to be spaced further apart if this is preferred.

Our pricing can be found here

If you're interested in getting support, we invite you to book a free 30 minute consultation with one of our therapists.


What types of difficulties can we support?

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Our Therapies

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