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About Us

Beyond Barriers was created for individuals, organisations and communities. We provide therapeutic services, training and staff support, and promote lived experience roles and partnerships.


Beyond Barriers brings together Clinical Psychologists, Lived Experience Practitioners, Yoga & bodywork therapists and Nutritional therapists, who all feel passionately about improving access to affordable, compassionate, non-medicalised mental health support.  We believe that this can be achieved through:

  • partnerships with specialists in this area who do not normally get the opportunity to work together in traditional mental health services,

  • by valuing professional and lived experiences,

  • by creating therapeutic communities in which we can heal.

We are about empowering people to have agency in their own recovery; feedback from people with valuable lived experiences is consistently integrated into the way we function.  We are also working hard to develop trauma-informed partnerships with local businesses & community groups to support our aspiration of 'Therapeutic Towns'.  

The What

The How

(and most importantly)

The Why

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