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Therapeutic Services

All of our therapies can be offered individual or combined to offer a package of support which focused on the mind and body, that is tailored to your needs. Integrating psychology, yoga, nutritional therapy & peer support means that we can offer you a genuinely holistic approach to your emotional and physical needs. We can offer help for a broad range of difficulties for people aged 16 years and over, specialising in the effects of adversity and trauma.

Please click below to read more about how our approaches may be able to meet your needs.  We are more than happy to talk more about the benefits of combining some of these approaches.


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Psychological Therapy

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Rising Stronger Programme

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Nutritional Therapy

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LifeBEAT Trauma Programme

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Covid Support Programme

Our wellbeing can be affected by many things such as work stress, adversity in our early life, relationships, abuse and trauma, which can mean we feel stuck and isolated.  We are here to help you move beyond those barriers.

 Our pricing can be found here

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