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LifeBEAT Trauma Support Programme

 Life Beyond Adversity & Trauma

We launched our complex trauma programme, LifeBEAT, in early 2021.​  It is a programme to support people who've been through adversity or trauma in their lives - particularly involving relationships, who may need a more comprehensive approach than talking therapies alone.

We believe that everyone has their own capacity to heal from emotional pain and adversity - and we believe that relationships are key to this. Relationships with people who can help understand our experiences, help us to feel safe, balanced, less affected by the past, and more connected to the present.  Our relational recovery approach offers a way of accessing support from professionals and peers who have experience of using relationships therapeutically within trauma-informed, evidence based models.

It offers more than standalone therapy, which for some people can be too narrow in its approach to trauma.  Trauma is held in our bodies, so any treatment needs to work with our mind and body to be effective. They also need to understand the role of dissociation in managing traumatic experiences. This why anyone accessing the programme would have access to the following resources, depending on their personal plan:

  • Psychologists (supporting assessment, planning and individual & group therapy)

  • Yoga therapist (bodywork specialists who promote healing through stabilisation, regulating our nervous system, reconnecting with our body)

  • Psychologically-informed Nutritionist (to support physical & emotional health during stress responses)


We also plan to offer complimenting work with trauma-sensitive partners such as mindfulness, massage, martial arts, eco-therapy groups, art groups, running groups. 

The length of this process will be different for everyone, but may take anything from a few weeks to 2 years. It will involve both 1:1 and group work, within a recognised phased-based approach.

If you would like help with feelings of fear, shame or guilt; difficulties with emotions, attention and concentration; unexplained physical symptoms, cutting off from friends and family, relationship difficulties, hurting yourself; using alcohol or drugs excessively, thoughts that life is not worth living, and isolation, then please get in touch to see if LifeBEAT may be helpful for you.

As as social enterprise it is our mission to improve access to support, so we aim to offer subsidised places for people on low incomes.  Please do get in touch by email or telephone to discuss options. Our pricing can be found here​.



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