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 Sophie Coleman
Clinical Psychologist


As a Clinical Psychologist I am passionate about supporting people to understand and
manage their distress. I recognise that coming to therapy can be a very difficult thing to do -
it takes a lot of strength to that that step. Because of this, my primary aim is to create a safe
and supportive space that fosters collaboration, empowerment, and trust.
I have experience working with young people and adults facing a range of difficulties. I
support people to manage difficult emotions and self-criticism, understand their patterns
within relationships, and work through trauma. I have a special interest in supporting
people who are asylum seekers, refugees or identify as part of a minoritised group. As we
live in a wider system and context, I believe it is extremely important to explore factors
beyond the individual level. These include relevant social, political, and economic factors,
such as discrimination and financial difficulty.

I utilise an integrative approach, drawing upon the evidence-based therapeutic models that
fit the individual, their difficulties, and goals. These include Compassion Focused Therapy
(CFT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), and
Polyvagal Theory. I am currently completing my training in Eye Movement Desensitisation
and Reprocessing (EMDR).

I am currently learning British Sign Language (only the basics!) and try to practice yoga as
much as I can. I enjoy reading (psychological thrillers and dystopian science-fiction, mostly)
and have a keen interest in social activism.

BSc (Hons) Psychology
MSc Applied Clinical Psychology
ClinPsyD Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

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