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Relational Peer Support

Peer support is a core part of  the therapeutic relationships you can access at Beyond Barriers.

We can offer both 1:1 and Group peer support depending on your needs and preferences.  Like our other approaches you can make use of peer support as a sole approach or along side other therapies as part of a combined approach.  The description below may help you to think about this more.

What is relational peer support?

  • Healing cannot occur in isolation, it is a process that can only take place within the context of relationships.

  • Intentional peer relationships can provide us with the opportunity to understand ourselves and others better.

  • Relational Peer support is not about defining problems and providing solutions. Indeed these ways of thinking and working can often keep people stuck in the idea that there is a right or wrong way of doing things. 

  • Relational Peer support acknowledges there is diversity in our world views.  It seeks to understand where and how these views have developed and how they consciously and unconsciously shape the quality of our relationships, how we experience the world and our everyday interactions.  

  • Relational Peer support can offer you flexibility. Our way of working together will be worked out and agreed together, if it’s not working for one of us its not working for both of us and we will create the space and opportunity for learning and growth

Our facilitators use the principles and tasks of Intentional Peer Support (IPS) as a framework for peer relationships. You can read more about IPS via the Peer Alternatives resources page.


If you are interested in 1:1 to one relational peer support,  please contact us to arrange an informal discussion.

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